Stuff is everywhere and easy to get, so our homes are cluttered.


Clutter is easy to accumulate. Its also simple to deal with, if you have learned how.


Anyone can learn to declutter and control the chaos.



I'm a solo mom to 3 young children,
so I know stuff management.

In our house, we have everything we need and very few things we don't need. We eat together, we play outside, we play games. And even with all the laundry, dishes, toys, and shoes and backpacks...I have time for myself.

I love to play Dungeons and Dragons with my friends. I go on Adventure Dates by myself and with my friends. I host a regular girls' night once a month in my home, and I host game nights for all my friends at least once per year.

I drink iced coffee in my favorite chair each morning in my sunny living room.
I have many, many house plants.


My life used to be

Now it is
and joy.

I still have hard days...I'm human!
But my home supports and restores me.

I'd love to help you feel at home, too!

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